What is positive?

What needs to be changed?

The youth took nearly 100 photos each and selected their top ten to submit to the project organizers. The youth presented their photos at the Community Study Forum & Photo Voice Gala in February 2008.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the youth’s photos led to action. Deputy City Manager of Community and Protective Services, Steve Kanellakos was in attendance and committed his office to installing a new play structure for the children in the Russell Heights community.
Councillor Peter Hume’s Office and Ottawa Community Housing quickly stepped up to offer their support for the new play structure!

The Grand Opening of the new Play Structure was held in the spring of 2009 and attended by children, youth and families living in the Russell Heights community, as well as volunteers and community partners. We are extremely proud of our youth and their involvement with this project!


Ali Ali

I see a window that is frozen over because of the cold. Because the there is not good enough insulation the windows fog up then freeze. The room gets really cold and it is hard for us to sleep in the room. We could try and talk to Ottawa Housing to come in and fix the problem


Baltula Siyad

I see a pile of mattresses in the middle of the walk way on the way to the community centre that we go to play in. This makes it hard for me to bring friends to my house because it looks bad. I think this problem exists because people are too lazy to bring the mattresses to the garbage. We could make the people who make this mess clean it up.


Habon Ali

I see a very dark walk way behind the community house. I don’t like walking here because I don’t know who could be hiding in the dark. The people who are supposed to fix the lights are not doing their jobs. We can write a letter to the community house and get the Ottawa housing people to fix it.


Tafari Williams

I see a danger hazard in front of the people’s house. The Ice is building up on top of the houses then when it gets warm the ice falls in front of the house. This is very bad because if a small child was playing out side of the house they would be hurt by the falling ice and they could even die if no one is around to help. I think this problem is because by the way the houses are built. The top of the door ways are all slanted and the water turns to ice then falls. We should call Ottawa Housing and get them to knock off all the ice and before it builds up.


Sadie Jobin

Snow is being pushed up onto the fence beside the ice rink. The child that is at the top of the hill on the left can trip and fall and hurt themselves on the ice. This problem exists because there is no room in the project to put all the snow that is left over when they plow. We could ask the city of Ottawa people if they could try and put the snow in a place that if the kids want to play on it, it could be in a safer spot.